Sunday, August 17, 2008

We could solve the illegal immigration problem quickly.

Start arresting and sending the owners and managers of the companies who employ illegal immigrants to jail.

If the managers who replace them find that they can't make money when they have to pay a living wage to the replacement employees, maybe they are in the wrong business.

Companies go out of business every day when they can't compete. It's called capitalism or free enterprise.

Small town, Postville, Iowa, struggles after the immigration raid.


arturo fernandez said...

I have more confidence in businesses making business-decisions, like whom to hire, and not government for them. Obviously, it works for American businesses to hire illegal immigrants. So what’s the problem?

Unknown said...

The problems is the word "illegal."

One of the most corrupt and racist governments in the world, that of Mexico, is dumping its poor on us, knowing that greedy American businesses, not willing to pay for labor, are willing to exploit them here.

With respect to "racism", when is the last time you've seen a high Mexican government official or business executive with much Native American blood?

arturo fernandez said...

It's true that it's problematic to be an illegal immigrants in the US. Giving them legal residence would solve that.

I wouldn't call American businesses hiring illegal immigrants "greedy", like I wouldn't say that passing on the savings to you with lower prices is "generous". Around here in Southern California I can get a carwash for under ten dollars, $6.99 if before 10:00 a.m. on weekdays. The guy who owns the carwash is not being nice to me. It's simply how capitalism works, and capitalism has proven to be the best economic system in the world.

Mexico is not "dumping its poor on us. They're coming here because Americans hire them.

"Exploited" is not a good word to use. The article you linked tells us the workers, as least the one quoted, didn't feel "exploited".

"Racism"? Where did I bring up racism?