Friday, April 3, 2009

Argument of the Month Club: April 14, Ecumenism Debate: Should all be one?

Can Catholics and Non-Catholics Relate?

David Deavel (associate editor of Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture and a contributing editor for Gilbert Magazine) challenges Michael J. Matt (Catholic author, editor of The Remnant Newspaper, and fierce opponent of anti-Catholicism) on Ecumenism, the religious dialogue between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians! Can there be hope of reunion among Christians? Who should accept what beliefs or is “watering down” theology and morality the right answer? Join us and find out!

April 14, 2009
6:30-8:30 PM
St. Augustine’s Catholic Church
408 Third Street N
South St. Paul, MN

- The Evening’s Menu - The AOTM “Coronary Kitchen” will be serving up their Annual Pig Roast! The men attending will have their choice between traditional Southern BBQ and Cuban style – but only after eating some mouth-watering Louisiana Buffalo Wings for an appetizer. While not being overly spicy, jalapeƱo honey glazed corn bread will also be served. And one can never forget the elegant and delicious Peach Pie and Ice Cream at evening’s end.
For Just $12 at the door (The total cost for the night) you will get great appetizers, beverages, and hear a challenging debate while you enjoy a fabulous “Manly Meal” (check above menu). Prepare yourself to challenge or simply question the speakers during the Q&A after dessert. Men of all creeds and ages are welcome to join in the good humor, food and fellowship. Priests and seminarians get in free, but will not be shown partiality in debate. Fathers are encouraged to bring their sons.

AOTM EVENING SCHEDULE -FYI- Many of our Catholic participants start the evening by attending Mass first at Holy Trinity Parish, located at 749 Sixth Street South St. Paul Minnesota 55075, which is just south of St. Augustine on Sixth Avenue.

You may join us at any point during the evening.

- 6:00pm Social Hour and Appetizers ( AOTM’s feasts, created with the best
- 7:00pm Dinner ingredients from Oxendale’s Market
- 7:30pm Main Presentation
5025 34th Ave. S. Mpls MN 55417
- 8:15pm Dessert Fine Desserts from- Baker’s Wife Pastry
- 8:30pm Q&A Shop 4200 28th Ave. S Mpls MN 55417

What » Faith, Food, and Fellowship

The “Argument of the Month” is a Men’s apostolate that teaches and defends the Catholic Faith. The “Argument of the Month” provides each month an evening of fellowship--- where, during the course of a fine meal, a forum on significant current issues of faith and culture stand at center. The war of our time is “The War against Truth”. The “Argument of the Month” fights for the Truth by seeking the Truth, and bringing the clarity of the Truth to the Catholic and non-Catholic alike. It is the hope of this apostolate that, enlight-ened by the Truth and encouraged by fellowship, participants will return to their homes
and workplaces better prepared to live more fully their Christian faith, better prepared to fulfill their proper roles in society and in the family; and better prepared to change our world. That is our hope; that is our mission; that is the “Argument of the Month”

The Catholic Men’s Argument of the Month meets every second Tuesday of the month from October through May.

CDs of past debates are on sale for $10 but can be purchased for $2 off with admission. That means for
$20 at the door, you can have a great time and bring home the fun!


Terry Nelson said...

That ought to be a trip.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Mr. Marshall sir, I'd like to put $50 on...ok, ok..This is going to be a good fight, er, debate!

I think we can only all be one when women are allowed to sneak, er, attend the AOTM. So there.

Seriously, I'm happy our Catholic men have a forum where they can be free to refrain from body wash and deoderant and just be themselves.

Unknown said...

Ms. C of A:

I already have my questions for the participants. And we plan to have guards at the door if any females attempt to gain surreptitious entry.

It should be a full house.

kevin gross said...

of course we should be one--we can't be one if we are fighting with each other--

Unknown said...


What if some of the others are running away from us as fast as they can; in 3,000 different directions?