Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diocese of Winona welcomes Raymond de Souza as Director of Evangelization and Catechesis


Bishop John Quinn of Winona announced that Mr. Raymond de Souza will join the diocesan staff as Director of the Office of the New Evangelization and Apologetics. Last December, de Souza spoke at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Winona. He and the bishop began to talk about the new evangelization and about the growing need to prepare Catholics to explain and defend their faith. The conversations led to an invitation to join the staff and de Souza accepted. Because he has so many speaking engagements already planned in Africa, Europe and Australia over the next few months, de Souza will be a consultant. At some point in the future, he will become a full time member of the diocesan staff.

De Souza describes himself as "Brazilian by birth, Catholic by grace, Australian by choice." As an internationally renowned speaker, he has given over 3,000 talks on issues of apologetics and Catholic social teaching in countries on five continents. More information about his activities and ministry can be found at His programs on EWTN air on Mondays at 5 PM and Fridays at 9:30 AM. He is very active in the Knights of Columbus and welcomes the Knights’ support of the New Evangelization. He sees the Knights as potential leaders in the continuing struggle against de- Christianization. Raymond is married to Theresa, a Californian born on the fourth of July. Their marriage has been blessed with eight children. They moved from Australia back to the United States, and settled in Sugarloaf, Pa., five years ago.

Apologetics is a long respected ministry that presents a well-reasoned defense of the hope that is in us, of the faith we proclaim, of the charity we live. It has nothing to do with ‘apologizing’ for something we have done…! The tradition goes back to St. Justin Martyr in the second century. Catholic apologists focus on the importance of logic, consistency, kindness and courage in the affirmation of the faith. In this way, they show that the faith has real-life applications to modern day and temporal society.

To make his mission and ministry known in the diocese, de Souza has begun to meet with priests in their deanery meetings. Within a short time, he plans to bring his ministry to every parish in the diocese. de Souza does not stop with making presentations. He intends to form apologetic teams in every parish to energize and prepare Catholics to defend the truth as revealed to us by Jesus and found in the teachings of the Church. That is a challenge at a time when the world prefers to see everything in relative terms and to ignore the presence of evil. Pope Benedict XVI has identified relativism as a major challenge to the Gospel in today’s world, and de Souza intends to form an army to fight for truth. As he says, the goal is to put Logic at the service of the Faith throughout the diocese, and beyond!

Parishes, schools or youth groups interested in arranging for a visit by Raymond de Souza may contact his office at the Winona Pastoral Center (507) 858-1265, or at Winona Courier

Raymond de Souza is a world class speaker and a world class Catholic. And Winona has him. More information about him may be found at some of his websites.

Join Raymond de Souza in this dynamic 45 minute presentation on "De-Christianization and the Catholic Counter-Revolution". The Popes are his starting point. History is his whiteboard. Catholic social teaching his guidelines.

This is one of Raymond's best talks.

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Raymond analyzes the de-Christianizing process within the current economic, political and legislative crisis. From the genocidal failure of Communism to the abuses of liberal capitalism and the cultural anarchy of modern day, Raymond provides the feasible solutions of Catholic Action. Prayer, Study and Action. But which prayers? What to study? What to do? Raymond has answers. Don’t miss them.


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