Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pope's Brother Challenges Old Liberals on Priestly Marriage and Women's Ordination

Papstbruder zu Frauenordination und Priesterehe

Germany. The Old Liberals are demanding "always holding to the same subjects, that have been long decided: the celibacy of priests, women's ordination". Msgr Georg Ratzinger, the brother of the Pope, criticized this in an interview with the news daily 'Neue Passauer Presse'. The Pope doesn't have the power to ordain women -- explained Prelate Ratzinger: "Why talk about it then? They always have to start with arguments that have been known for a long time, which many simply don't want to accept." On celibacy the Prelate said, that it "really has it's theological meaning." There are generally increasingly fewer marriages anyway, and then the priests should "all of a sudden marry". Prelate Ratzinger finds that "a bit curious". Priestly marriage would be violently opposed by faithful people: "That would be more destructive than constructive."

H/T Translation from Tancred at Eponymous Flower

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