Friday, June 3, 2011

The New Roman Missal: Challenge & Opportunity (Commentary)

A couple of days ago I posted here links to five short videos by Jesuit Father John Baldovin, entitled The New Roman Missal: Challenge & Opportunity. They are a presentation explaining the historical background of the Roman Missal we will be using in Advent, with a brief overview of the changes in this translation along with some ideas for faithful ministers of the church to engage this new translation responsibly and use it as well as possible.

The last part, Part III, entitled Examination of Conscience, 12 minutes long, is a direct challenge to every bishop, priest and seminarian, all of whom should be required to watch it every time they go to Confession and to confess those sins discussed by Father Baldovin:

1. Have I prepared liturgically?
2. Have I prepared spiritually? Prayers before celebrating the Mass.
3. Have I considered the necessity of balancing the horizontal and the vertical elements of the liturgy?
4. In what ways do I make myself the center of the liturgy?
5. How well do I know the Roman Missal? When was the last time that I looked at the General Instruction on the Roman Missal?

In my opinion, these five points cover every liturgical abuse ever committed (except those committed by the laity who don’t go to Communion in the state of grace).

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