Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hilarious Quote O' The Day: Re: "The Tablet"

There is something intrinsically hilarious at the spectacle of a publication read mostly by ex-hippies with bus passes wringing its hands at the conservatism of the young.

New Rule going into effect immediately: If you don't read Damian Thompson, a columnist for the U.K. Telegraph, "Holy Smoke", by their standards a conservative paper, by our standards, way left of center but I think they still like the Queen, you will be depriving yourself of a good belly laugh every day.

"The Tablet" in the UK, I suppose, is akin to our "National Catholic Reporter." But Thompson at the Telegraph seems to be a pretty straight arrow (is that "politically incorrect") Catholic.


The Ironic Catholic said...

I don't think The Tablet is like NCR...maybe more like America.

In any case, I think Rocco from Whispers publishes there.

Unknown said...


You're probably right. I don't see America as often as I do the NCReporter. And John Allen is the best and he publishes at NCReporter.

Rocco, as irritating as he is, and maybe as envious as many of us are of his sources, writes, as you say for the Tablet. So the perceptive reader will glance at all the sources.

But I thought Damian's quote was funny. And he probably doesn't see America or NCReporter.

I generally glance at the Telegraph and the Guardian most days.