Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Morning Report: Argument of the Month Club Results of Last Night

Some of the faithful readers of Stella Borealis have been wondering what the AOTM is all about. One in particular, a member of the ineligible distaff squad, keeps wondering about our menus and whether or not we have tasty salads. Few wonder about the arguments, which generally result in good natured ad hominems and a minimum of fisticuffs.

Argument of the Month Club; St Augustine's Parish, South St. Paul, MN
November 13, 2007; 6:30 Social Hour; 7Chow; 7:30-9 (we went til 10): debate.
Vatican II: Greatest Council since Nicaea? Debate between Father J.P. Echert and Dr. David Pence
Attendance: 150 MEN; biggest attendance since I've been attending last Spring. I believe the record attendance is something like 200 at the Islamic "discussion" last Fall. There were a minimum of disruptions and 20+ men obediently lined up to place their questions/comments (mostly the latter because they like to hear themselves talk) to the two debaters.

In talking to the organizers, we couldn't decide if the tremendous attendance was due to the menu, or the scheduled debate between Father Echert and Dr. Pence. That, too, was a tremendous success. It was scheduled as a formal debate in structure with timed presentations by the two scholars who took turns in the debate format (you can look it up).

Debate Results: A spirited event, larded with many ad hominems by the two contestants, regular applause and shouts of "bravo" from the excited crowd. Father "Father Crash" Echert, appearing for the Negative to the question, was well prepared on both the assigned topic, and a long list of quick-witted jabs at his opponent. Dr. "Shorty" Pence, speaking in the "Affirmative", opening his presentation by speaking in Latin, was prepared with a lot of historical citations and also a goodly number of ad hominem jabs at Father.

In a nutshell, the issue seemed to be whether Vatican II was a "Pastoral Council", or a "Dogmatic Council." When it was pointed out near the end that only two members of the audience had ever read any of the documents of the Council, and since those two were Father and Dr. Pence, the debate ended up in a tie.


Beverages: Wine, Beer, Pop, Water
Appetizers: Slabs of split hoagie buns, ladled with mozarella cheese and secret Italian seasonings, toasty warm direct from the ovens where the cheese was baked to a crispy brown, then covered with parmesan cheese.
Entree: More "slabs of split hoagie buns, ladled with mozarella cheese and secret Italian seasonings, toasty warm direct from the owns where the cheese was baked to a crispy brown, then covered with parmesan cheese."
Tiny raviolis either or both: covered liberally with oodles of alfredo sauce or a napolitano red sauce and baked until toasty warm.
Fresh green salad (I was told not expect green stuff at every AOTM event, though), tossed (the preferred bare arm method of tossing was used) with a secret mixture of Kraft Creamy Italian dressings, lots of parmesan cheese, oodles of croutons and a gallon of "peppericino" peppers, not too hot. And the balance of the parmesan cheese was thrown in for good measure.

Dessert: AOTM fave, the rich devils food cake with lots of chocolate icing, and gobs of whipped cream; coffee: black, regular test. Dr. Pence, a regular attendee, brings his bag with him in the remote possibility that one of the attendees might have a reaction to the carefully thought out and well prepared menu.

Since the next presentation is January 8, when Coadjutor Archbishop John Nienstedt will be speaking on "homosexuality", it is expected that attendance might be setting a record. Attendees with Rainbow Sashes (and a sense of humor) (and $12) will not be refused a meal.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

So, if I wear a rainbow sash and bring $12 I can crash next month? :-)

Fine, fine, but, Ray, what were they wearing? Did Dr. Pence wear Marc Jacobs? Did Father Echert have his Versace cassock and biker jacket on?

Who was there? Was Buddy there? Did Father have to chase him? Did he pee on the floor? *tee-hee (let the readers wonder at that one!)

The big question: Who won the streaking race between Holy Trinity and St. Augustine?

Seriously, I'm still jealous.

LOL! No one but the presenters had read the VII documents! I know some theologians who would probably say the same! LOL!

Unknown said...


I did forget to mention our "gender qualification." I'm afraid that our membership, used to eating at club events with their elbows on the table, talking with their mouth full, eating with their fingers, belching and other things that guys like to do, would feel cramped if a person of the gentler sex and manners were to show up and with baleful looks and sneers embarrass them into exhibiting polite manners.

Frankly, Cathy, you would cramp our style.

Most of us don't get to let down are hair (those of us who still have hair, that is) now and then. this is a treasured moment for them.

So, Sorry Cathy, only the finest prime men get into AOTM events.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: Your last sentence: Sweetie, you can't leave words out there that I can have fun with, ok?


I'm alright with guys having their own clubs-and, gals too. I'm envious of the quality of the speakers and the topics.

Sanctus Belle said...

I'm a strong believer that there needs to be forums, groups, clubs for men only. This sounds like a great debate format! Dr. Pence has talked at our parish about pro-life issues but I've been in choir practice whenever he's there!

swissmiss said...

During our bible study, they simulcast Father E into two rooms of mothers and children. Maybe the men could have their thing and the women could be cloistered in a room and get a video feed of the talk. Why should the guys have all the fun?

What if we dressed up as men in drag, would that count?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

swissmiss: LOL!