Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sanctuary O' The Day: Basilica of St Francis Xavier, Dyersville, IA



Monsignor Edward Petty of Dubuque, IA, who died last month, was a long time pastor of the Basilica of St Francis Xavier. Stella Borealis

There will be a Requiem Mass offered for the soul of Msgr. Edward Petty. It will be held at St. James parish in St. James, MN on Saturday, Nov 17th at 9 AM. It will be a Missa Cantata with Gregorian propers and the solemn absolution with catafalque.

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Nathan Knutson said...

This Basilica is most certainly worth a visit. The pictures are nice, but fails to give it justice! Truly a glimpse into Heaven. The Basilica was named not only for the beauty of the church building, but also the remarkable faith of the Dyersville community. The area is 98% Catholic and has been blessed by its faithfulness in architecture and tradition.