Thursday, May 18, 2006

Catholic TV in the Twin Cities

Terry of Abbey-Roads has a little rundown on Catholic TV, including a show produced by Catholic Parents OnLine, as can be seen in the Twin Cities.

[If you still have a rabbit ear antenna, you can still get EWTN, Mother Angelica's station, on UHF Broadcast Channel 19 which has a fairly strong signal and an antenna located on top; of the IDS Tower. Their signal is 24 hours a day and they have a tiny bit of local programming. Call 612-724-2265 to get a copy of their program].

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Terry Nelson said...

Thanks for linking to my blogs and Leaflet Missal. I just cracked up that I had the wrong channel number for Chanel 19 - thanks for indicating the correct station while giving the phone number. Thanks for your great blog!