Thursday, May 18, 2006

Refuting The Da Vinci Code: The Day Before

Father B.F. Heffernan, Catholic Free Press, Canada, May 18
Da Vinci Code movie bombs before media audience. [snip]
The low key Prayer in front of the Palais Theatre was conducted by Sister Mary MichaelI of England. The very effective nun from England headed up the Rosary, Chaplet of Mercy, other prayers and hymns. She asked me to join her at times. We gave interviews and teaching sessions to the media, TV, radio and newspaper. Sister Mary Michael was especially good at this, keeping the goodwill of the media, security guards and interested onlookers. As prayer ended, we just held up a 2-foot-high corpus cross, and the media flocked around us like doves for a feast; like we were the stars. Cameras were clicking, and flashes were going off everywhere, like a bad lightning storm. `Like Jesus Christ Super Star! Who do they say that you really are?’ [snip] Thanks to Amy of Open Book

Steve Scott, Pioneer Press, May 18
'Da Vinci Code': fact, fiction and fears of the faithful; Area churches mobilize to debunk the movie's message

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