Monday, May 15, 2006

"Changing the Rules", America Magazine

by L. Martin Nussbaum, a religious institutions attorney in Colorado
Get thee down to thy favorite library and read this article in America magazine! An extensive article showing how reporting of the sexual abuse crisis in the U.S. has focused almost completely on the activities of Catholic Church employees and agents, almost completely ignoring employes of other faith groups or the government.

The Boston Globe began publishing on Jan. 6, 2002, a series of reports regarding sexual abuse of children by priests in the Archdiocese of Boston. In a flash, newspapers around the country began reprinting the Globe’s reports and developing their own. They published 728 stories in January, 1,095 in February and 2,961 in March. By April these papers were publishing a new story every nine minutes, 160 every day, 4,791 for the month. By year end, ... [subscribers only]

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