Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dominican Sisters Leaving Holy Rosary School in Duluth

No More Nuns in any of the Diocese of Duluth's Schools! (I bet the tuition is no longer $5 a year, either).

For all of Holy Rosary School's 83 years, Dominican sisters have taught and inspired students. The last day of school -- June 8 -- marks the end of that era, as the last two sisters move on. The Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Ill., no longer will staff the school.

The order's departure, along with the departure of Sister Helen Giesen, a Benedictine who is principal at St. Mary's School in Pine City, Minn., and who is moving on to an assignment for St. Scholastica Monastery, marks a milestone in the Catholic Diocese of Duluth. Next school year there will be no religious sisters teaching or serving as principal in the diocese's 12 schools, according to Cynthia Zook, director of schools for the diocese. [snip] Duluth NewsTribune

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