Sunday, May 21, 2006

South Dakota Teens Discuss Dating

It's part of growing up... Going to school dances, events... And prom. For many teenagers, high school is also the time they start getting dating. But teen relationships don't come without concerns. In 2005, 2,000 students took part in the South Dakota Youth Risk Behavior Survey. 11% said they'd been in an abusive relationship; 9% said they were physically forced to have sex when they didn't want to. What can parents do to make sure their kids are safe in relationships?
Mary Hayes, a sophomore at O'Gorman says, "It's kinda surprising to hear people say my boyfriend wanted me to do this last night. I didn't feel comfortable, but yet I still did it. It surprises me since we do go to a catholic school, it surprises me that people don't know the right from wrong." [snip] KELOLand News

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