Friday, May 26, 2006

Letter to the Strib: Anti-Catholic bigotry: "Old Scout's" Exhibit A

Thank you for printing Garrison Keillor's column right next to Katherine Kersten's in the May 21 Opinion Exchange section.

Keillor is obviously still hurting from the bloody nose given him by supporters of the DeLaSalle football field on Nicollet Island. Veiled in satire, his poke in the eye to Catholics mocking the use of incense as "repellent smoke like burning tires," was not meant to be funny but to offend those unhappy with his stance on the football field.

Kersten nailed him dead on in her article. There is no way that Keillor would mock any other religion in such a vicious way. No way.

As a Catholic I can take the punches of people such as Keillor, but I agree with Kersten that mocking the Catholic Church is the "last safe harbor for bigots in this multicultural world."


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Anonymous said...

Garrison Keillor (despite his huggy-bear radio persona) is not a nice man. I've known several folks who quit working at Public Radio because of his autocratic personality. He has a public record in this town of vitriolic outbursts if public figures don't support his liberal politics.