Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lampooning The Da Vinci Code: "Lutherans Left Behind in Code"

Jim Heffernan, aged humor (sometimes) columnist for the Duluth News-Tribune (the original Duluth, not the one in Georgia) speaks out on the DVC in today's paper. If you've been getting ulcers from worrying about the impact of this foolish book and probably more foolish movie, sit down at your favorite computer terminal and see what Jim has to say:

As an old Lutheran, I don't see why the Catholics should always get all of the publicity while we sit back in the bulrushes crying out for a little recognition.

I'm talking about "The Da Vinci Code," first the book and now the movie coming soon to a theater near you. Talk about Catholic. The whole thing hinges on some secret Catholic organization trying to suppress the idea that Mary Magdalene was actually Jesus' wife, among other things.

And what about Lutherans? Lost in the wilderness. Even Lakeshore Lutheran Home in Duluth has dropped Lutheran from its name. Lutheran Brotherhood insurance is now "Thrivent," apparently a combination of "thrifty" and "ventilation." Hello? The only progress we've made in recent years is that Eggebrecht Chevrolet in Duluth is now Luther Eggebrecht Chevrolet. Great. Just great. Catholics get a movie with Tom Hanks and we get a car dealership. [snip] Read it all, you'll enjoy it!

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