Friday, March 16, 2007

21st Century Morality Strikes Home

Cathy of Alex, an occasional contributor to this blog, besides working for a living, occupies herself productively at her blog, Recovering Dissident Catholic. Today she hit a home run with her "Straight into the Fire" post.

Our local papers in Minneapolis/St. Paul have been filled, recently, with stories of the Muslim cabdrivers who drive to and from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport refusing to carry passengers with alcohol or animals because of their Muslim beliefs. . . . In the last few days, stories surfaced in the paper about Muslim cashiers at Target refusing to scan or handle pork products that are brought to them in the checkout lines. . . .

The whole series of stories makes me ponder what exactly is the difference, or is there one, between a Muslim refusing to do something that violates their beliefs and say, a Catholic pharmacist who refuses to fill a prescription for contraception? Or, an OB/GYN who refuses to perform an abortion under any circumstances because it violates their religious beliefs?

She is generating some thoughtful discussion. Stop by and contribute your opinion.

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