Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Shepherds: Who Says a Bishop Can't Make a Difference?

Look What Bishop Robert Carlson, formerly Auxiliary in the Archdiocese and Bishop of Sioux Falls, has done in Saginaw, Mich, in only two years:

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bishop Carlson Celebrates 2nd Anniversary in Saginaw

I hope Bishop Carlson can forgive me for not posting this sooner...

On Saturday, February 24, Bishop Carlson marked two years as the shepherd of Saginaw. The best way I thought to commemorate these past two years was to look back and see how much has happened, this is obviously not a complete list but more like a very small highlight reel of Bishop's time here. So here it is:

Vocations to the priesthood have risen from 2 to 19
The Annual Bishop's Golf Classic
Faith Magazine
The Mother Theresa Fund providing financial aid to expectant mothers
The Bishop's Charity Ball to Benefit Catholic Education coming this Spring
The Renewal of the Permanent Diaconate
ABLAZE! Youth rally
Eucharistic Congress in June of 2007
The Formation of the Saginaw Area Catholic School System
"We Have Come To Worship Him" Implementation of the GIRM
A Rosary CD for Vocations
And so, so much more...

Thank you Bishop Carlson for coming to Saginaw! [Saginaw Seminarians]

And this might be my favorite teaching:


ADDENDUM: Clarifications on the Posture of the Faithful following Individual Reception of Holy Communion
and the use of Echaristic Prayer II.

Letter from Bishop Carlson

Implementation Document


The Posture of the People at Mass

The Gestures of the People at Mass

Uniformity in Posture

Order of Procession

The Elevations at the Mass

The'Act of Reverence' for the Reception of Holy Communion

Prayer of the Faithful

Art & Enviroment

Music & Liturgy

The Bishop & The Assembly of the Faithful

The Diocesan Bishop as Chief Shepherd of the Mysteries of God

The Bishop & Liturgy

The Naming of God & The 'Saginaw Blessing'

WEB EXTRA: USCCB Roman Missal Formational Materials

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