Friday, March 23, 2007

And God Created Woman . . . . So Man Can Eat . . . . And The Church Can Thrive

Cathy of Alex, prolific St Blog's blogger at Recovering Dissident Catholic whose posts are routinely passed up to the highest levels of certain archdiocesan precincts, NASCAR junkie, bicycle endurance rider, crack shot, librarian and "Lenten Soup Supper" technician explains why it is best that the women of the parish should be in charge of the church kitchen:

One of my favorite times during Lent is the time spent in my parish basement kitchen preparing the soups for our Friday Lenten Soup Suppers with some of my Catholic sisters.

In my raging feminazi days, I was taught to be just furious in any situation where the women are in the kitchen cooking and the men aren't. My heart was never in that particular ultra-feminist argument because I've always enjoyed the kitchen time spent with my female relatives and friends. [....Snip] Read Further

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