Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Abortion foes protest Regions clinic

Pro-Life Action Ministries is gathering petition signatures to present at HealthPartners' annual meeting in April in an effort to discourage abortions at Regions Hospital. The insurance company operates the St. Paul hospital.
"The purpose of the petition at this point in time is to try and get the attention of (HealthPartners') board that it has a problem that it needs to correct."

Neither Regions nor HealthPartners is listed in the state's annual abortion reports. Instead, the clinic is listed as GYN Special Services. The latest report shows 733 abortions took place in the clinic in 2005, which makes it the sixth-most-active clinic in the state, out of seven. The greatest number was performed at Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, which reported 3,012.

Gibson takes particular offense at the Regions clinic, because it is the only one in the state connected to a major hospital and a health insurance organization. It also trains medical residents from the University of Minnesota who specialize in obstetrics and elect to learn abortion procedures.

Residents don't have to participate, but the university must offer them a full spectrum of training in reproductive health care, U spokeswoman Sara Buss said. Regions is not the only site where U residents can train in abortion procedures.

The number of U.S. hospitals offering abortions dropped from 1,405 in 1982 to 603 in 2000, according to the most recent survey by the Guttmacher Institute, and the share of abortions performed in hospitals dropped from 22 percent to 5 percent over the same period. PioneerPress

If you would like to sign the Health Partners petition, or make a copy to pass around to people that you know, click Here

The President of Health Partners is Mary Brainard and her telephone number is 952-883-6000

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Sanctus Belle said...

I am a nurse and worked in the OR for several years. I think the primary reason hospitals quit allowing abortions in the OR is due to bad PR. Its also somewhat difficult to get staff to help with the crime. In fact the last OR I worked in Minnesota I'm quite sure not a single staff member would have assisted. Now, I also worked 3 years in the OR in south Texas. They perform abortions in hospital FREQUENTLY but get away with it by scheduling it as a "D&C with suction" that way no way to know if its a live baby being killed, or a miscarriage that's failed to abort. Make no mistake, the procedure for both is exactly the same, only one baby is alive and killed while the other has already passed away naturally. Pro life Staff would normally ask the WHY of the procedure before agreeing to work in the room though...what a nightmare. For myself I totally refused to even pull supplies for an abortion and thankfully was never reprimanded for this.