Monday, March 12, 2007

St Blog's Parish Welcomes The Catholic Spirit's "New and Improved" Website! With a Blog, Even!! With no commenting. Hmmm.

Let's all stop by the Spirit's new "blog" and say howdy! Or You Betcha!

A blog that takes a unique look at the State Legislature, lots of new opportunities from advertisers and a fresh new face are all part of the latest version of, your 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week access to news with a Catholic heart.

The ever-changing world of the Internet continues to provide all of us with additional avenues to connect with the rest of God's people, and The Catholic Spirit is working constantly to take advantage of the wonders of the new technologies.

The new look and feel of our Web site aims to make it easy for you to browse for the latest in Catholic information and inspiration.

And, this month a host of advertisers began bringing their messages to the Internet pages of Click on their ads and you'll be quickly transported to the sites of businesses and organizations that value Catholic customers, need Catholic volunteers, or have information Catholics can use.

Something you won't find in the print edition of The Catholic Spirit is the new blog - much like a diary - written by Catholic Spirit reporter Maria Wiering.

Wiering is new to covering the State Legislature, and she's started a blog on that is intended to take Web readers along as she learns how state government works.

Make sure you scroll down to the initial entry of "Catholic Eye on the Capitol" to catch the flavor of this fun-to-read and informative addition to offerings from The Catholic Spirit.

Since the Spirit's Blog Mistress doesn't allow commenting, yet, we'll have to figure out a way to communicate with her and teach her our "ways." In the meantime, will do in a pinch if you put Maria Wiering's name in the subject line.
Expect additional enhancements to in the weeks and months to come as we learn what Web users need and want from The Catholic Spirit and pilot new ways to reach people with "News with a Catholic heart" through electronic means. Catholic Spirit

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Anonymous said...

Well - they are catching up now, aren't they. Not on my blogroll however.