Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I thought Galileo's Most Severe Punishment Was House Imprisionment in a Palace; I was wrong

Those secularists will never forget or forgive for the awful punishments given to Galileo for daring to state that the Earth moves around the sun.

SANTIAGO, Chile -- A judge in southern Chile has sentenced a Catholic priest to recite seven psalms daily during three months as punishment for illegal parking. Judge Manuel Perez said he issued the unusual sentence after the Rev. Jose Cornejo said he could not afford the $100 fine that would have been the regular sanction for illegal parking in the city of Puerto Montt.

"He will have to recite seven psalms," Judge Perez told the Santiago daily La Tercera.

"This is not a sentence that just occurred to me," he added. "I did it as a tribute to Galileo Galilei, one of the greatest scientists of all time, who received a similar sentence from the Catholic Church during three years for saying the Earth rotates around the sun."

The judge ordered a court official who lives near the priest to check daily that the sentence was being fulfilled. The priest said he had parked his car in front of a school where he works because he lacked the money to pay for public parking. The Inimitable Curt Jester

I just got a note that if I have a friend or relative park in the parking lot of my building, that person will be subject to a 280 simoleons towing fee. I wonder how many psalms that would be if I find myself a secularist in charge at Cedar Towing?


Dan said...

The joke's on that judge. Earth does no "rotate" around the sun. It revolves around the sun. If you're gonna try to knock the Church with a wink toward Galileo, at least get the science right!

Anonymous said...

According to the judge it both revolves while rotating around the sun. But how does he know that. Einstein had to admit human science cannot tell if the Earth revolves around the sun or if the sun revolves around the Earth. Its called relativity.