Saturday, December 8, 2007

If Archbishop Fulton Sheen Invented Television Evangelism 50 + years ago. . .

. . .Why do so few U.S. Dioceses and Parishes take the next step? If it wasn't for EWTN, Catholicism would be almost extinct on television.

"Jesus told us to go forth and spread the word to the entire world," said the Rev. Randy Morrison of Speak the Word Church in Golden Valley. "I can't physically do that, but my TV signal can."

And it does. Morrison's sermons are beamed by satellite to every continent except Antarctica. But while his church has one of the most ambitious TV ministries in Minnesota, it is not unique. The days in which a handful of televangelists ruled the airwaves are gone as a growing number of churches here and across the nation take their messages to the masses via cable-access TV and Internet video. [....Snip] StarTribune

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