Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winona's Bishop Harrington's Christmas Message: Reflection, Faith and Hope!

Bishop Bernard Harrington of the Winona Catholic Diocese says Christmas is a time for reflection and a time of faith. In his Christmas message, he said: "I think Christmas always has a message of hope. And, as you know, a few weeks ago our Holy Father, Benedict the Sixteenth, gave a beautiful encyclical on hope. And I think the hope of Jesus' coming into the world and the salvation that it brings can take every person, no matter how difficult it has been for this year, the idea that there are going to be better things to come and that the presence of God is in our life."

Bishop Harrington says he's most grateful for how people have responded to the needs of those devastated by floods this past August. So far, the Winona Diocese has raised almost a half million dollars to help flood victims recover.

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