Thursday, December 20, 2007

Statement from The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis


Charges about Father Leo Tibesar & St. Frances Cabrini Parish

Various bloggers and websites have reported that Father Leo Tibesar, of Saint Frances Cabrini Parish in Minneapolis announced his intention to bless same sex marriages. Those reports are not true. Father Tibesar has never blessed a same sex marriage nor does he intend to do so, which would be a violation of his priestly vows and state. He made this very clear in a public clarification issued by Saint Frances Cabrini’s parish council and following a meeting with Archbishop Harry J. Flynn.

During his meeting with Archbishop Flynn and Auxiliary Bishop Richard Pates, Father Tibesar also agreed to remove any language from the St. Frances Cabrini parish website that is in opposition to Roman Catholic Church doctrine and to refrain from statements in any form that are contrary to Church teaching. He confirmed these commitments to Archbishop Flynn in a letter following their meeting. Communications Office, Archdiocese of StP&M


Terry Nelson said...

Is that it? Isn't he like going to be assigned as a chaplain to a nursing home in an outlying, small town or something else demeaning and shameful? It just seems very queer to me.

Unknown said...

My doctor told me I'm not supposed to laugh!

That does seem to break with precedent, and errr, ahhhh, rather, ahhh, strange, doesn't it?

Probably the best terminology that I have learned while practicing my avocation as news-blogger is "the homosexual collective."

Matt Abbot or one of his sources came up with that one.