Friday, April 18, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Important - the Cannonball Award Winners, Locals

Boy, if I could only have two categories for our Minnesota Division, Spirituality and Humor would have been my choices. Just who in the heck is "Mother's Pride?" I think Our Ironic wuz robbed!

Congratulations, Terry and Sanctus! (of course Terry, who has so many blogs, it probably was difficult for him not to win).

Best Spiritual Treat Blog
Abbey Roads2- 42 votes
Runner Up Our Lady's Tears- 27 votes

Best Hifreakinlarious Blog
Mother's Pride- 71 votes
The Crescat- 71 votes
Runner Up Ironic Catholic- 46 votes

Here's the Rest of the Story.

I'm gonna have to nominate myself next year.

And the rest of you Minnesodans, you wuz robbed too.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Actually, I had never heard of Mothers Pride, and it is quite funny. And the Crescat can be hilarious. The idea was to honor "lesser knowns," so I think it all worked out. Thanks for the Minnesotan partisanship though.

Congrats Terry!

The Ironic Catholic said...

OK, I pressed publish too soon. Congrats to Sanctus Belle as well. Hey, two Diocese of Winona blogs in the running...pretty cool!

Unknown said...

There's only one thing to do if you won't let me hack.

Next year we need a Cannonball "Diocesan Per Capita Awards" category!

the mother of this lot said...

Sorry I'm not from Minnesota. Just doing my best here in little old England!

Unknown said...

T.M.O.T.L. (May I call you "Mum?")

Well, Mum, now that I have read your blog, you ARE kinda funny. We'll have to adopt you. We have very easy resident requirements.

But in next year's voting, don't be surprised if our votes go to our favorite daughter, the I.C.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Mum, trust me...all you have to do is fly over and rent an apartment in Minneapolis, and I think you'd be able to vote here (no not legally, but that's all that is checked).

Hide the Brit. accent though! Welcome to the People's Republic of Minnesota! ;)

the mother of this lot said...

Hey, I'm honoured! Does it go in my favour that I just watched a programme on EWTN about the refurbishment of your cathedral? Go on, ask me anything. I'm an expert!

Unknown said...

It certainly does count, Mum!

You dare me to ask you anything?

When I was growing up, we had only one choice. Take it! We didn't dare leave it. Even if it was boiled cabbage.

Why is life so unfair?

the mother of this lot said...

You know perfectly well I meant ask me anything about the cathedral.

If I knew the answer to your question I would be sitting here in a tidy house where everybody cleans up their own mess. Instead I am sitting in a tip which is not of my own making, yet I am expected to make it look perfect.

And boiled cabbage is very good for you.