Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Desperate" got it right!


Chaucer Was A Jerk

When April with his showers sweet with fruit
The drought of March has pierced unto the root
And bathed each vein with liquor that has power
To generate therein and sire the flower;
When Zephyr also has, with his sweet breath,
Quickened again, in every holt and heath,
The tender shoots and buds, and the young sun
Into the Ram one half his course has run,
And many little birds make melody
That sleep through all the night with open eye
(So Nature pricks them on to ramp and rage)-
Then do folk long to go on pilgrimage...

..or maybe those "pilgrimages" were to Florida. It is snowing here today.

I love Minnesota. I really, really do... DIH


Anonymous said...

Snowing here today too. And it's my birthday. At least it's not my name day!

Sorry to ask an unrelated question, but I couldn't find a contact link anywhere:

I'm going to be traveling with my family to Duluth at the end of May. Where can I find nearby a Mass that's celebrated with dignity and reverence? We're quite accustomed to the Latin Mass and want to avoid scandalizing our children (not to mention their parents) at a less-than-reverent Mass. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Boy, while I was born there, I don't get up there much any more.

Most of the priests that I would know about are probably retired or gone.

The new Bishop of Superior, a few miles across St Louis Bay, is Peter Christianson, former pastor of Nativity of Our Lord Parish in St. Paul. He's pretty much a moderate, but he celebrated a very fine Mass. He would be at Christ the King Cathedral.

The music was extremely well performed, but it was contemporary. He has been in Superior about a year, so he probably hasn't had time to have a big impact yet.

Duluth's Bishop Dennis Schnurr has a tremendous reputation for the work that he has done encouraging vocations. That may very well mean that his Masses are part of his supply of recruitment methods. He is at Our Lady of the Rosary in Duluth's East End.

As a Duluth native, I cite a favorite aphorism: "It's cooler by the Lake." So, bring warm clothes.

And there are a lot of fun things to do there.

Anonymous said...

This is really clever! :)

God bless you, Ray!