Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ma & Pa Relaxing in front of the TV, watching daughter Sarah


Vincenzo the Magnificent, St. Blog's Parish resident artist and photoshopper, also is turning into quite the blogger.

Sarah Palin's parents, Chuck and Sally (Sally = Sarah) Heath, watching their baby upon being her being nominated for Vice-President of the United States.

Do ya s'pose that the Heaths are an outdoorsy family?

Vincenzo has some nice background items on Sarah at his blog, Sancte Pater.


Vincenzo said...

"Do ya s'pose that the Heaths are an outdoorsy family?"

LOL - ya think? Thanks! This great blog had tips from GOP insiders that she was going to be the pick throughout Thursday and into early Friday AM.
I didn't sleep.
One post eventually had over 800 comments. The MSM was completely fooled until late Friday morning. Brilliant maneuvering and choice by McCain.
Todd and Sarah Palin called the blogger Friday night.

Unknown said...

You're welcome, Vinnie!

How did you know? Is there a technical way you can tell that someone has linked to your blog, or did you just happened to be "visiting."

I followed the palinforvp links and read a bit. They got tons of hits and comments.

I remember once about a year ago, I posted something, I couldn't even tell you what it was now, but it must have been of some national interest. Hugh Hewitt, the afternoon talk radio guy, somehow found it, made a link and I ended up with 1,600 visits that day, about ten times the normal amount.

Tomorrow I'm going to an Extraordinary Form Latin Mass with a young lady from Houston who is a Texas delegate. She found someone here in the Twin Cities who knew me and he gave her my name. Unfortunately, all the top secrets have probably been revealed now, so I suppose I will have to look elsewhere in I want to make hay out of the RNC.

My brother has gotten tapped by the Secret Service to be one of their chief volunteer drivers. But he told me he'd have to kill me if I knew who he would be driving.

Maybe I can get it from his wife or kids.

Vincenzo said...

I visit often; today I also saw the traffic via Sitemeter.