Friday, August 21, 2009

Catholic Answers apologetics apostolate joins Catholic Word publishing consortium for book distribution from Wisconsin

The apologetics apostolate Catholic Answers has now given responsibility for the distribution of its books, CDs and other materials to the publishing consortium Catholic Word.

Catholic Word is a Wisconsin-based consortium of 18 Catholic publishers and music producers who combine their shipping to streamline resellers’ purchases.

Catholic Answers’ publishing imprint includes several prominent apologists such as Tim Staples, Jason Evert and Mark Shea.

The apostolate has just published Shea’s three-volume work on the Virgin Mary, titled “Mary, Mother of the Son.”

Catholic Word President Carolyn Klika said she has been impressed by Catholic Answers for over 15 years.

“More than ever, people are looking for answers, meaning, and direction,” she remarked in a press release. “As the Ethiopian told Philip in the book of Acts, 'How can I [understand Scripture] unless I have someone to guide me?' Catholic Answers has guided Catholics and seekers through their speakers, radio programs, books and CDs. I believe there are many more Catholics in the Church today because of this apostolate's tireless work.”

"We are proud to welcome this company as a valued new publisher member of Catholic Word," Klika continued.

Including Catholic Answers, Catholic Word has added five publishers to its consortium.

Catholic Word distributes Catholic books, faith formation programs and other resources. Its publications include works by Scripture expert Jeff Cavins, Fr. Donald Calloway, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Fr. John Bartunek and Dr. Christine Mugridge. Catholic News Agency

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