Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Blogs in Minnesota

Somebody, Newsbobber, has done the hard work necessary to seek out the blogs of Minnesota and has ranked the top 100 of them. Somewhat surprisingly to me, religious blogs were included even though Pharyngula, the infamous blog run by Paul Myers, the sacrilegious Minnesota-Morris biology instructor, consistently ranks as the best.

Some very good Minnesota Catholic blogs, most significantly the Ironic Catholic and Faithmouse, have not been listed or ranked, so I gave Newsbobber a list of some of the ones that I think could be ranked in the top 100.

When they say "best", I"m not sure what that means, but even though Pharyngula is immensely populr, that is probably not the only criteria to make it on the list. Maybe the best part of the list is that they have actually read and thought about the blogs, and has provided a summary of what they think it is about, and then gives a list of recent posts, and "best posts", which means that they list compiler actually spent some time on each of the blogs to get a feel for what it is all about. Click on the blog's name to get that information.

Newsbobber has a pretty decent home page that gives a summary of Minnesota news items from many different sources. http://www.newsbobber.com/

A couple of weeks ago, MinnPost, the internet "newspaper" wrote an article on Newsbobber that is an enterprise of Bob Ingrassia, a former Pioneer Press reporter.

Here are the Catholic blogs that have made Newsbobber's top 100 list. Congratulations to all of them:

18. Minnesota Mom (About This Blog)
Newsbobber Score - 6.4 [Margaret]

21. Adoro te Devote (About This Blog)
Newsbobber Score - 6.3 [Adoro]

33. The Recovering Dissident Catholic (About This Blog)
Newsbobber Score - 6.0 [The notorious Cathy of Alexandria]

39. Abbey-Roads (About This Blog)
Newsbobber Score - 5.9 [Terry, the Man of 1,000 Faces]

66. Stella Borealis Catholic Roundtable (About This Blog)
Newsbobber Score - 5.4 [Moi]

Tip O' the Hat to Margaret, Adoro, Cathy and Terry!

Other Catholic blogs that made the Directory are:

ORBIS CATHOLICVS [John Paul, Rome and St. Paul]

St. Monica's Kneeler [Swiss Miss, St. Paul]


Bob I said...

Thanks for the post about Newsbobber. I'll be sure to get the other blogs you mentioned included in the directory. FYI - You'll notice I don't use the term "best" for the blog ranking system. Instead, I say "top blogs." The rankings are based on popularity metrics such as back links and PageRank, so each blog's score isn't a quality measure exactly, more of a popularity measure.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

The "notorious"?! I thought we agreed on "fabulous"?


Unknown said...

Well, if you hadn't trounced me, Cathy, in the top blog ratings, I'd probably have gone with "fabulous."

What amazes me is Margaret at Minnesota Mom. I knew she had a great home schooling blog, but I didn't think much about it that she should be in the running.

Ironic is the one really great missing blogger that should push us all down a notch after she finishes her nursing and gets back to school and blogging.

I'm surprised that there is no name for Chic #4 yet. He must have been baptized by now. And no news from SIC. What's his excuse?

And the Hadley-bloggers have one of the more interesting and often erudite blogs from these here parts. I nominated them, too.

Terry Nelson said...

I can't believe it that I'm actually on someone's list of top blogs. I'm having a Sally Field's moment right now - no that's okay - I'm so verklempft!

Unknown said...

Did you note though, Ter, that the women tromped us. What are they doing on their blogs that we should be doing?

More rants and cranky posts?

Fortunately Bayly didn't make the list!

swissmiss said...

So much for flying under the radar. I'll have to watch my language from now on. (Granted, I was just mentioned, not ranked!)

Congrats all you fabu folks!!

I'm shocked Ray wasn't higher. I thought everyone came to your blog for all things Midwest Catholic. You're slipping!

Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding me to get my butt over to St. Alex's before it was too late, Swissie! I think I might have copped another First.

My Latin adaptation should have been:

Deus me amat, ergo sum.

I'm wondering if my low ranking results from their being too many catholics and not enough Catholics.

No sour grapes here.

I really salute Minnesota Mom, Adoro, Cathy and Terry. Those folks are real bloggers. I'm just a research drone who has the time and patience to dig up a lot of stuff and republish it.