Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Campaign begins in S. Dakota abortion vote


Supporters of a South Dakota abortion ban, passed as a challenge to an established U.S. right to abortion, launched their campaign on Wednesday to uphold the state law in a November referendum.

The ballot issue is expected to make South Dakota a key battleground in a national election-year debate over abortion. Democrats are seeking to recapture the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives from President George W. Bush's Republican party, where abortion opponents are bedrock supporters.

A small-town elementary school parking lot served as the backdrop for a group called Vote Yes for Life to begin a bus tour across South Dakota with a stop in the farming community of Mitchell, stumping for money and volunteers in support of the law.

"We're all about life, helping women and helping babies," Leslie Unruh, the group's leader and a long-time anti-abortion activist, told the gathering of about 100 supporters.

The South Dakota abortion ban is considered the most restrictive in the United States, banning abortions at all stages of a pregnancy, even those that result from incest or rape or harm a woman's health. [snip]

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