Wednesday, July 19, 2006

+Veritas+, formerly known to you as the "Roamin' Roman" from her last year of study in Rome, fills us in on her recent life . . .

and the good things she likes about the Archdiocese of St Paul - Minneapolis. If you are a young adult, pay attention and take notes. She has some good ideas. She writes as well as she uses her camera. She blogs now at Veritatis Splendor. Put it in your "favorites" file.

Ok, get ready. This has been on my heart for quite some time, and now suddenly Gerald is asking for good news. Good news? I'll tell you about some good news!! Forgive me if this is long and a bit rambling, I am basically giving myself leave to just WRITE whatever is on my heart right now...

For all the constant "coverage" of the St. Paul/Minneapolis archdiocese online and in the blog world, I think the full story of the amazing conversion that this entire archdiocese has gone through needs to be told again and again - to give hope and encouragement to those in other troubled dioceses and parishes. I never get tired of witnessing to the graces of God in our very blessed area of Minnesota, even while I continue to be saddened and cringe at the admittedly awful tales that have also emerged (usually to much greater fanfare) from our parishes and colleges. To help testify to this regional springtime of renewal, I am going to attempt now to relate my own tale of conversion and RE-version.

I came to this archdiocese "late", after Archbishop Harry Flynn had already been bishop here for many years and things were, I see now, definitely already on the upswing. The first few priestly "harvests" of Flynn's renewed efforts at vocations outreach, begun almost immediately after he took the helm here, were recently ordained and popping up at various parishes. Including one very fine and outstanding young, newly-ordained priest at my own neighborhood parish, which happened to be the Cathedral of St. Paul itself. Permalink

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