Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Old Testament Study in Crosby

Sharon, who blogs at Clairity's Journal in Duluth was over in Crosby the other day for a little seminar on the Old Testament.

Last night, July 17th, Fr. Rich Veras, a high school teacher from the diocese of New York and frequent contributor to Magnificat magazine, gave a talk on "Traces of Jesus in the Old Testament" to a crowded group of 40+ people in Crosby, Minnesota.

For me, as for others I spoke with afterward, it was a very enlightening trip through the Old Testament--Fr. Rich likened it to "jet-skiing" which he was planning to do on Serpent Lake the following day with some of his young hosts. There is a rumor that a book is coming out--when it does I'll preorder a copy. Meanwhile, I won't try to transcribe my notes here, but I'll just mention a few things that I found surprising.

We tend to think of the "Old Testament" God as one without mercy or compassion. Fr. Rich shows a very different view based on a close analysis of Scriptures. For example, when Sarah is promised a child, she laughs at God. When he asks why she laughs, she denies it, thus lies. But even in front of this sin, God keeps his promise. One year later she bears a son, and then she says she really can laugh--because this God keeps his promises. He is not one to fear, but one who is faithful even when we are not. [snip] Read More

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