Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Traditional Devotions and Younger Catholics

Jayne at So Many Devotions . . . So Little Time is musing today on younger Catholics and the role of EWTN in their formation:

In the concluding pages of his best selling biography about Mother Angelica, Raymond Arroyo mentions something about devotions that caught my eye. When talking about Mother's contribution to the Church, and the influence she had over ordinary people, he states that:

"She used television to teach and popularize pious devotions thought lost to modernity. It can be safely said that no one in America, and perhaps in the world, did more than Mother Angelica to perpetuate and stoke interest in the rosary, eucharistic adoration, Latin in the liturgy, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, litanies, and traditional prayers. She wove a thread of devotion into the hearts of the young that will not quickly loosen and dropped seeds that sprouted a generation that author Colleen Carroll has tagged "the "New Faithful." [snip]
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