Thursday, July 13, 2006

Winona Catholic Worker homes focus on community life

Sometimes all a person needs is a little friendship, especially at those frequent “down on your luck” moments.

Winona’s two Catholic Worker homes exist precisely for that reason: to provide a supportive community for people who could use a touch of a simple family life.

That’s why the homes’ volunteer staff members prefer their facilities not to be called simply “homeless shelters.” While they often use that term to facilitate easy conversations with other local assistance agencies, the homes are anything but repositories for people without shelter.
Both homes are entirely staffed and supported by volunteers, which allows the homes to run on an annual budget of only $13,000 each. This total represents the homes’ electric, heating and water bills, and that’s it. The staff and residents eat donated food, sleep on donated beds, and congregate on donated furniture.
Although Winona’s Catholic Worker homes are connected to the worldwide Catholic Worker movement (founded on the principles set forth by faith visionary Dorothy Day), they run a completely independent organization. Despite the title, the Catholic Worker homes are not directly connected to the Catholic Church, and receive no money from the diocese. [snip] Winona Post Tip O' The Hat to our Field Reporter in Winona

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