Sunday, July 30, 2006

Masses For The Dead

Jayne from "So Many Devotions . . . So Little Time" has had some personal experience with Masses for the Dead in the past few weeks:

It has been a rough few weeks for us. We had two deaths in the family, and our 14-year-old cat had to be put down - all within the space of two weeks. Although the deaths of our loved ones were expected, it was still difficult to see them go . . . .
After a quick search I have found the following:

Masses for the Dead - by Father William P. Saunders
The offering of Masses for the repose of the soul of the faithful departed is linked with our belief in purgatory. We believe that if a person has died fundamentally believing in God but with venial sins and the hurt caused by sin, then God in His divine love and mercy will first purify the soul. After this purification has been completed, the soul will have the holiness and purity needed to share in the beatific vision in Heaven. Read More

General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Chapter VIII, Part II: Masses for the Dead
379. The Church offers the Eucharistic Sacrifice of Christ's Passover for the dead so that, since all the members of Christ's body are in communion with each other, the petition for spiritual help on behalf of some may bring comforting hope to others. Read More

Masses of Requiem (Catholic Encyclopedia)
Requiem Masses are masses that are offered for the dead. They derive their name from the first word of the Introit, which may be traced to the Fourth Book of Esdras, one of the Apocrypha, at the passage "Expectate pastorem vestrum, requiem ¾ternitatis dabit vobis . . ." Read More

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