Thursday, July 27, 2006

Our Lady of Hyderabad Speaks Out on Father Altier's Letter

Georgette, Our Lady of Hyderabad, who blogs at the Chronicle of a Meandering Traveller, pulls no punches in her support for Father Robert Alter in his latest battle.

Like a long cold drink of crystal clear water to a parched-throated trekker during a well earned respite, there is a great satisfaction one feels when goodness is upheld and justice is served-- even if only for a moment-- by having the "record set straight" in the aftermath of a grave injustice.

This is how we may feel when we see the recent response of that good and righteous priest, Fr Robert Altier who had been observing quiet obedience in the face of so many injustices to himself and to his spiritual children-- not only in his archdiocese but in the world over-- by being silenced from his radio and online ministries. Adding insult to injury, this good priest was then reassigned from his thriving parish to the post of assistant chaplain in a remote nursing home, thereby effectually removing him from 'active duty' in his archdiocese-- an archidocese which has a dearth of priests and at least four mission parishes with no full time priests at all. Father Altier, happy to be obedient to his superior, although not perceiving what his more world-savvy parishioners and listeners and internet readers perceived (namely that a good priest was being ostracized for being good and moral and upholding the teachings of his Church, something that alarmingly seems to be a trend in too many dioceses across the United States these days), has taken these orders of his Archbishop in complete resignation to the Will of God.

But the PR guy for the archdiocese is not the Archbishop.
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