Thursday, December 27, 2007

Argument of the Month Club: Tuesday, Jan 8, St Augustine's; South St Paul


The Argument to the Month
Thou shall NOT Eat!
The Catholic Canon Law Regarding the Denial of the Eucharist to Certain Individuals

Speaker: Mr. Benedict Nguyen, M.T.S., J.C.L., Chancellor of the Dioceses of La Crosse

He will address issues such as:

What does Church law say about denying Holy Communion? When and why does the Church deny the Eucharist to certain groups or individuals? Under what circumstances may a Catholic politician and others be denied the Eucharist? Is this a political act? Why does there seem to be confusion on this issue?

This is a timely issue because it has implications for our personal lives, our culture and our up coming elections.

Kent Wuchterl
AOTM Director

Tuesday, January 8th
Social at 6:30pm (beverages and appetizers)
Dinner at 7:00pm
Total cost for the evening is $12 at the door

There will be time for you to agree or disagree with our speaker during the Q&A, which starts immediately following dessert. But you are all encouraged to enjoy the good humor, food and fellowship. We enjoy the company of men from all different creeds and ages. Priests and seminarians get in for free but are not shown any partiality in debate. Fathers may bring their sons as long as they accompany them.

Up Coming Speakers and Presentations for 2007-2008

February 12th is the date Dale Ahlquist takes on everyone With his presentation, "Catholic Social Teaching: Why both Liberals AND Conservatives Get it Wrong!" He is pretty sure no matter who you are, you will disagree with something he has to say. Armed to the hilt with Chesterton thought and quick wit, he is confident ATOM attendees stand no chance winning an argument with him. Come try your best to show this brother the light!

Men (and boys) Only!


Cathy_of_Alex said...

"Though shalt not eat"-seems appropriate since I can hardly call Redi-Whip and Cheese Whiz real food! Don't get me started on the iceberg salad. ;-)

Bummer H.E. had to reschedule but this talk sounds interesting too.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

(hmph, left out again...oh well, have fun without me...if you can!) I am reminded of when my (then future) Sis-in-law was in RCIA and we visited the Cathedral for my sister's Confirmation. My (very liberal) aunt was there and my SIL asked what she should do once Communion time came. My aunt whispered to her something like,"do you believe that it's the body of Christ?" and my SIL said, "I think so..." so my aunt graciously gave her "permission" to go up to Communion!!! I was horrified afterward when I heard. My SIL now knows why that was wrong, but it still bugs me. That same aunt gave some very bad advice to others in the family who trusted her (over the years) just because she is a nun. It's good you have these kinds of discussions and we keep each other informed (properly!) to avoid silliness and downright sinfulness in our efforts to get each other to Heaven!

Unknown said...

A very good example, Laura, of the pride and arrogance in the self-appointed folks who have taken it on themselves to determine Church rules and policies.

What's most sad is how they misinform others with their personal beliefs that have no basis in fact (or dogma).

"For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole world."

swissmiss said...

We StP-M area gals need our own Argument of the Month Club. Such injustice!

Unknown said...


I had lunch with two blogging pals today and the subject came up.

They both readily agreed at most AOTM sessions for a female group would end up talking about shopping.