Friday, August 28, 2009

Details on the Kennedy Funeral

From the Boston Globe:


Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley of Boston will preside at the funeral of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy tomorrow at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (the Mission Church).

The Rev. J. Donald Monan, a Jesuit priest who was the longtime president of Boston College and is now the chancellor, will be the principal celebrant.

And the Rev. Mark R. Hession, pastor of Our Lady of Victory Parish in Centerville, will deliver the homily.


First Reading: Curran Raclin, stepson
Responsorial: Kara Kennedy Allen, daughter
Second Reading: Caroline Raclin, stepdaughter
Homily: Rev. Mark Hession
Intercessory Prayers: Kennedy's four grandchildren, and the youngest grandchild of each of his siblings, will read quotes from his speeches. (The family chose to honor the youngest children because Kennedy was the youngest in his family.)
Offertory: Grandchildren
Music by Yo-Yo Ma
Music by Placido Domingo accompanied by the Tanglewood Festival Chorus
"Ave Maria" by Susan Graham of the Metropolitan Opera
Tribute: Edward M. Kennedy Jr. and US Representative Patrick J. Kennedy (sons)
Eulogy: President Obama
Song: America the Beautiful


Anonymous said...


Not knowing all the fact, I am very disapointed by Cardinal O'Malley's decision to offer the Mass. Of course, we must always be people of mercy, but this is scandalous. Why couldn't the pastor of the Basilica offer the Mass? Isn't a very clear signal being sent when the celebrant is a Cardinal of the Holy Church?
This right after Archbishop's Sheehan's unhelpful comments on the Notre Dame scandal.
May God be with us and may God grant wisdom to our shepherds.

Anonymous said...

Ok, he's presiding but not offering the Mass. This is less bad, but it's still really bad, if you ask me.

Unknown said...

I'm not happy either, anon.

But at least he's not celebrating. And neither he nor the Pope have sent letters to the family. The press won't pick up on it, but the family will know.

And O's eulogy will technically be after the Mass; but nobody will pick up on that, either.

Terry Nelson said...

I've watched every thing except Obama's eulogy. Aside from the prayer of the faithful, I'm very impressed - I paid no idea as to who received Communion, instead I prayed in spiritual Communion through that part of the Mass.

The only thing I can say is that Ted Kennedy was a better man and Catholic than I ever could hope to be.

May God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...


His own personal faith is at this point rather irrelevant. As a public, Catholic figure he was a moral disgrace and failure. He actively promoted the destruction of unborn human life, and a prince of the Church gives the final commendation.... I am very upset by this...
As you say, may God have mercy on us

josh granger said...

he that is without sin cast the first stone