Monday, August 20, 2007

Blest Art, Inc. at Church of St. John of St. Paul

"Next weekend, August 25th and 26th (2007), representatives of Blest Art, Inc., will display in our church hall beautifully carved sacred images, the work of Palestinian Catholics using olive wood native to the Holy Land. Over the years, I have purchased a number of their beautiful products: a large Nativity set, a representation of the Last Supper, and a number of individual statues. They are both a joy to behold and an inspiration. Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, Blest Art, Inc. serves as the marketing agent in America for these sacred images. Six hundred Christian families (mostly Roman Catholic) in the Bethlehem area rely on the sale of these products as their principal source of income. In recent years, subjected to the daily pressures brought to bear by an increasingly aggressive Islamic environment, most of the Christian families, despite their millenial connection with the Holy Land, have fled to the Christian West. The six hundred or so families who still remain in the Bethlehem region are reluctant to leave, since to do so would be to remove from the birthplace of Christ the living witness of the Christian faithful. Purchase of these products helps us to enable these familes to remain in the neighborhood of Bethlehem."---Father George Welzbacher

The Church of St. John is located at 977 E 5th St. in St. Paul. 651-771-3690


Anonymous said...

At the start of this post, I expected to read some Israel bashing. But fortunatly, that is not the case here. Another reason I have more respect for the traditional Catholic church then I do for many of the liberal Protestant churches that never pass up a chance to attack the Jewish state.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

former elca: Stick around! :-)

Anonymous said...


The Catholic church really impresses me. Two excellent Popes in a row and a church that actually has set values. I want to be careful so I don't come across as bashing other churches, but just want to say certain ones meet every two years to decide what the Bible means today. For some reason, their Bible changes quite frequently and you never know what they will be teaching next.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Former ELCA: What denomination are you in now? I ask because your tag is "former" ELCA so I assume you have left it.

Anonymous said...

I'm "between churches". Actually my parents give money in my name to the family congergation. Which unfortunately is now part of the ELCA (may parents have no clue that the church pays for the abortions of it's employees and is on the verge of blessing same-sex unions/marriages). The biggest thing though is the mideast. Last week the ELCA ticked off the Jerusalem Post and Simon Wiesenthal Center due to their new attacks on Israel.

There are several options for a traditional Lutherans...LCMS, AALC, or an independent Lutheran church (which is what my aunt and uncle did). But I'm open to other options. I'm in good circle of friends right now where most of them are active in their various churches (Lutheran, Catholic, Swedish Baptist, Assemblies of God). I've just started dating a very nice girl who is also looking for a chruch to join and become active in. She's also ex-ELCA.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Honestly, the more conservative Lutheran churches, even the high Anglican churches (or those Africans that have splintered from the American church) have much in common with the Catholic faith. They usually don't want to hear it, but it's true.

You may want to think about giving us a try. The true Catholic faith-NOT the Catholic In Name Only dreck that we see in the press and in many of our politicians.

I'm going to Adoration this evening. I will remember you and your lady friend in my prayers.

God bless you.