Saturday, August 25, 2007

UK Headmaster's killer to get new identity

The government is preparing to give the killer of headmaster Philip Lawrence a new identity.

Under the plans, Learco Chindamo, 26, and his close family will be given new names and moved to an address away from London, where he grew up and where his mother, stepfather and brothers still live.

They would then be provided with 24 hour police protection via a panic button. UK Telegraph

I wrote the following to the English Embassy in Washington, D.C.:

I see you folks are going to spend all that it takes to protect the young non-citizen murderer.
I pray that 100,000 or more good English folks will adopt finding him as their new hobby and it takes a division or two of your army to protect him for the next 60 years. I don't want him caught or harmed. I just want you to pay a billion or two each year for protecting him.
And of course, I prefer that he never sleep two nights in a row in the same bed.
I really can't figure out what is going on over there. I used to admire the U.K. because much of your history and laws are responsible for many of the good things about our history and laws.
But for the last 20 years, about the time you cozied up to the EU, coincidentally, you seem to have gone off the deep end.
You possess only a shadow of your former greatness and decisions like that of protecting the murderer over concern for his family chip mightly away at what little is left.
May God have mercy on your souls.

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Terry Nelson said...

Good for you for writing. It is an outrageous story!