Friday, August 24, 2007

Men, Keep Your Second Tuesday's Open for the A.O.T.M. 3D Society

Argument of the Month Drinking, Dining and Debating Society
St Augustine's, South St Paul
2007-2008 Schedule
Men (and Boys) Only!
Father J.P. "Crash" Echert, presiding

October 9th: Dr. Arthur Hippler, Providence Academy

He is back for his monthly dose of debate. He will be giving his presentation, "Is religious liberty the road to secularism?"

Is religious liberty based on truth or religious relativism? Does religious liberty require the separation of church and state? Is religious liberty only for non-Christians?
If you think these are important, timely questions for our day, wait until you hear his answers.

November 13: Dr. David "Intense" Pence vs. Fr. Johnny "Crash" Echert

Our in-house liberal will duke it out with our conservative traditionalist as they debate the issues surrounding Vatican II.

January 8th: Archbishop John Nienstedt, will explain the Church's understanding of Homosexuality.
We welcome Archbishop Neinstedt to the AOTM as he explains this controversial teaching of the Church. We are honored to have him and look forward to this event, which will be a great way for everyone to meet our new Archbishop.

February 12th: Dale Ahlquist. "American Chesterton Society" takes on everyone

"Catholic Social Teaching: Why both Liberals AND Conservatives Get it Wrong!" He is pretty sure no matter who you are, you will disagree with something he has to say. Armed to the hilt with Chesterton thought and quick wit, he is confident ATOM attendees stand no chance winning an argument with him. Come try your best to show this brother the light!

March, April and May Speakers to be confirmed.

See further information including directions Here.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

This is a rare occasion where I feel like protesting the existence of something because as a female I'm denied access! These AOTM events always sound interesting. I really wish there was something like it for Magisterium Catholic females. We get singles groups, marriage workshops, how to raise your kids groups, knitting circles, dissident femme/womens ordination gripe fest groups...Where are the thinking Catholic female debate groups?

Unknown said...

That is an interesting question, Cathy.

I can think of a dozen female bloggers starting off with you whose meetings I would love to crash.

And I was at a meeting Wednesday evening where the featured speaker was a female law professor from UST who was funny, articulate and very knowledgeable. And in the audience were four women who have been fighting the good fight for women, families and Catholics for upwards of forty years, all of whom could host a session if asked.

And I don't know many people. Others could provide many more names.

I'd bet that Father Echert and most priests of the Archdiocese would be happy to provide space for AOTM sessions for women.

The name might not work for women, though. Do you like to "argue?"

And I suppose instead of beer, pop and coffee, it would have to be wine, pop and coffee/tea?