Sunday, September 9, 2007

Adoro Te Devote sure is going places

Our very own Adoro, the prolific writer of the Adoro Te Devote blog, sure has had an exciting Summer. She has been approved as a writer for a Seattle based blog; she has been admitted to the Ave Maria University Graduate School of Theology and has left her former employment, seeking other new adventures.

And yesterday, still hampered by my hacking cough and other infirmities, surfing my way round the world, I came across a nifty blog called catholiCanada. I guess I didn't think that there was still such a thing. But they have many good links to good things that are happening in our neighbor to the north.

But most exciting was their list of blogs from the USofA. And who should lead it but ADORO! Followed by such notables as Amy Welborn, Jimmy Akin, Father Frank Pavone, Raymond's Blog (OK, not me, mine's Stella!), the Summorum Pontificum, Gerald Augustinius of the Cafeteria is Closed and Dawn Eden, among others. Even Father Z didn't make it, probably because he is partially based in Rome.

Congratulations, Adoro! Thanks for all the good reading material. If you don't mind, I might start publishing a "Cliff's Notes" version of some of your postings for slow readers like me.


Anonymous said...

We'll get her, and her little dog too! (Insane laughter!)

Terry Nelson said...

Cathy! That is awful!