Friday, September 14, 2007

The Holy Ghost Lives! Alleluia!


I am watching the EWTN broadcast of the Mass according to the Extraordinary Rite using the 1962 Missal of Blessed John XXIII. In the sermon ((yaaaaay!) the Holy Ghost (not Spirit) was mentioned several times.

We geezers need no longer hang our heads in shame when we blurt out the name we first learned as children.

The Mass will be rebroadcast at 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., CDT.

Interesting! I have been watching EWTN for upwards of ten years or so. I have never seen any technical glitches in their programs. This morning, after the Consecration of the Body and the Blood, they lost their signal for maybe 10 minutes or so. The powers of darkness just couldn't stand it, it seems, and had to have their little tantrum. Fortunately things got straightened out before the Communion.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Hey, Geez, I blurt out Holy Ghost AND I say "amongst" not among women.

It's as my Mom taught me.

Old school and proud of it!

Sanctus Belle said...

Oh, our family tossed out the TV years ago and the ONLY thing I miss is EWTN!

I also say "amongst" and I've noticed when at church I'm the only one (besides my family) who pronounce it that way. Its because I learned the say the rosary with Mother Angelica and her nuns on EWTN, that's how they pronounce it. Also "from whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead" in the creed. I love the "whence" or is it spelled "wence"?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Santus Belle: I say whence as well.

Unknown said...

I believe it's "whence", Sanctus.

You guys are pretty young, but I suppose you can join. I'm thinking of starting a "Holy Ghost Club."

But you'll also have to start saying "the Lord is with thee" and "blessed is the fruit of thy womb", etc., too.

Just as an aside, when I was in the Army in Germany I was taking a tour of a salt mine in Bavaria and the man and woman behind us, speaking with more or less midwestern English pronounciation, regularly were using "thee", "thou", "thy" and "thine", etc., when talking to each other. I've always wondered what faith they belonged to.

Anonymous said...

I just love this blog. As a former twin-citian I like hearing about the goings on at St. Agnes and other churches as well. I am a convert from Lutheranism and now we live in North Dakota in the Bismarck diocese. There were no indult masses before and there, at least not that I am aware of, plans for the extraordinary form. There will be a TLM in Oriska, ND at 2 pm this sunday at St. Bernard of Clairvox .The priest in Walhalla was also willing. Check out the latin mass data base for folks interested in the old form. Please have more stories of interest out here in ND as we are part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Archdiocese. Thanks for all you do, and God bless. I sure wish I could see the mass on EWTN but I have to work a 12 hour night shift. S Westberg

swissmiss said...

Darn. I don't even know if I could get probationary membership to your group since I say Holy Spirit. I interchange "amongst" but do say "whence." I dislike the even more modern Hail Mary that says, "The Lord is with you" instead of "with Thee." I do use the "old school" version of many prayers, just not the Holy Ghost bit. I could learn. Can I still qualify?

Unknown said...

S Westberg:

Thanks for the fan letter. I think I'll pin that up or tape it to the window.

I've been kinda remiss all Summer, first it was so hot, I didn't feel like scouring the internet for "regional" tidbits from the Dakotas, Iowa and Wisconsin, our neighbors. Then I came down with a case of bronchitis for several weeks. But the message I read prior to the one telling me of your comment was one telling me of another great item from Bishop Samuel Aquila in Fargo (our first choice for Coadjutor Bishop here, by the way). I'll post it later today.

I'll do some checking on the Masses you suggest.

A point of clarification, though -- you are not in the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis; you are in the Province of St Paul and Minneapolis which contains all the dioceses of Minnesota and the Dakotas, with Archbishop Harry Flynn as its head.

Archbishop Flynn, however, does not have any real authority over the bishops of the other dioceses. He is just their leader in terms of their relationship with Rome and the Vatican. Maybe they save postage by mailing everything to him first. And when the bishops have their required "ad limina visits" to Rome every five years (or so), Archbishop Flynn would be their delegation head.

The Bishop of every diocese, no matter how large or how small is directly responsible only to the Pope. The U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, which sometimes thinks it is hot stuff, has no authority over what an individual bishop in the U.S. does.

If you don't believe me, check with Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska. The USCCB has been trying without success to control him for many years.

Unknown said...

Swiss Miss:

The rules of the Holy Ghost Club are quite stringent, but as long as you continue using "whence" and "thy" and now and then at least attempt to say "Holy Ghost", we can make an exception in your case and admit you as a probationary member.

Thank you for applying.

Anonymous said...

To Ray, thanks for the clarification. I didn't realize that. Being a Catholic since 1990, I thought that the Archdiocese had authority over a diocese. Oh my was I misinformed. Thank God the USCCB hasn't been able to quiet Burke or Bruskiwicz. They are such an asset to the church.. God bless, Susan

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I wanna be in the "Holy Ghost" club! I will start practicing NOW. Although, it will be hard, seeing as how every time I read that term, "Holy Ghost" I hear it in my head in an Irish accent. I'm not sure why. I'm almost 100 percent German descent!

Anonymous said...

I wanna be in the Holy Ghost Club, too! I also say "thee" and "thou" and "amongst" and "whence"
It's the way the nuns taught us in school--and who can 'undo' what nuns taught them? :)