Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rushford, MN: Still reeling after a devastating flood, the town faces another worry: Winter's arrival.

The arrival of fall color is usually inspiring in southeastern Minnesota. But for many in flood-ravaged Rushford, it is bringing a sense of dread this year. "It seems so early," said Nancy Benson, looking up from her soon-to-be-demolished house at a pair of orange-leafed maples across High Street a few days ago. "We don't want fall to come too quickly. We need more time to get things done."

Six weeks have passed since Rush Creek, swollen by an unprecedented 15 inches of rain over the area, jumped dikes and filled much of Rushford. The old stone school has reopened downtown. But only one business, the Subway sandwich shop, has fully reopened. . . . [Snip] StarTribune

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The Ironic Catholic said...

This is so true. A lot of people here are still suffering enormously. Please continue to pray for us, donate time and help....