Friday, September 28, 2007

Father George Rutler: How to Make a Good Confession

I was reading something by Peggy Noonan about Father Rutler's activities near Ground Zero on "That Day" and looked up a bit of information on him to send with the article to my brother in California. I came across this wonderful list of Father Rutler's on "How to Make a Good Confession." Having watched him many times on EWTN, there is no doubt in my mind that Father Rutler would know something about that subjected.

I recommend that you copy it to your computer, print it out, and use it, often!
  1. Fundamental Truths
  2. Steps To Be Taken Before Going to Confession
  3. Prayer Before making the Examination of Conscience
  4. Biblical Passages to Be Read
  5. Grid for the Examination of Conscience
  6. Questions Based on The Ten Commandments
  7. Immediately Before Confession
  8. During Confession
  9. After Confession

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swissmiss said...

Thanks, Ray! I have several good Examination of Conscience booklets, but will have to print this out and use it next week.