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What is your Diocese Doing About the 1962 Latin Mass? -- Summorum Pontificum

Updated September 21, 2007

Father "Z", source of all things properly translated on the Internet has been quite busy analyzing (or, fisking, which is analyzing with lots of constructive criticism and complaining, too) the reports coming from the various dioceses and publications around the world.

I have put together a table of his posts that he has done so far relating to American dioceses. I was going to rate both the dioceses and the newspapers on a three point scale, ABC, but because the Boston Globe happens to exist, I have needed to add a couple more lower grades for their category. The grades indicate how approving the diocese or newspaper is of the Pope's Motus Proprio. The Globe is a very low grader and is not particularly fond of the Church.

I've also added at the end of the list of dioceses some interesting posts that Father Z has done relating to resources for the proper celebration of the Extraordinary Use Mass.

Most of you probably figure that I am raring to go with the first 1962 Mass that comes my way. That is not the case. Most of all, I want a reverent Mass. I have been at too many where outrageous violations of the General Instructions of the Roman Missal are regularly encountered.

Too many priests when celebrating the Novus Ordo Mass fall prey to the seductive entrapments of Pride, Performance and Entertainment. Their feelings of pride in their personal independence change the re-creation of the Sacrifice of Our Lord on Calvary into an acting performance designed not for Worship and Thanksgiving, but to entertain a congregation who came for a show.

But I have found that the greatest asset of the Novus Ordo Vatican II Mass that we regularly have in English, when it is well celebrated, is the fact that the readings (First and Second Readings and the Psalms) have been greatly expanded and many more are taken from the Old Testament, the section of the Bible that many Catholics like myself haven't read much of outside of the Book of Genesis.

My perfect world would be a Mass in Latin, using a solid translation with the readings in English and with Gregorian Chant accompaniment. Any music with music or lyrics created after 1945 would be specifically prohibited.

Diocese Ordinary ABC Date Paper A-F
Birmingham, AL Bp. David Foley A 8/20/2007

San Diego, CA Bp. Robert Brom C 8/1/2007

Oakland, CA

7/30/2007 Wiener - SFGate A
Orange, CA Bp. Tod Brown C 7/20/2007

Orange, CA Bp. Tod Brown B 7/21/2007

Orange, CA Bp. Tod Brown C 7/10/2007

Orange, CA

7/31/2007 Fr. Tran F
Santa Rosa, CA

9/1/2007 CC Daily C
Sacramento, CA

8/5/2007 Mitchell-SacER A
Colorado Springs, CO Bp. Michael J. Sheridan A 8/10/2007

Denver Abp. Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. A 7/12/2007

Bridgeport, CT Bp. William Lori A 7/17/2007

Hartford, CT Bp. Henry Mansell A

Norwich, CT

9/6/2007 Holy Apostles Seminary A
Washington, DC

8/17/2007 Daly - Tidings F
Washington, DC

8/22/2007 Schall - Ignatius Insight A
Washington, DC

Washington, DC

7/30/2007 Washington Times
St Augustine, FL

9/18/2007 Meeting Report D-
St Augustine, FL

8/1/2007 Willis - Chancery F
St Augustine, FL Bp. Victor Galeone C 8/1/2007

St Augustine, FL Bp. Victor Galeone C 8/31/2007

Naples, FL

8/4/2007 Ave Maria U F
Pensacola-Tall., FL Bp. John Ricard C 8/22/2007

Venice, FL Bp. Frank Dewane A 9/4/2007


7/21/2007 Journal-Const. A
Belleville, IL Bp. Edward K. Braxton C 7/21/2007

Chicago, IL

7/29/2007 New York Times D
Joliet, IL

8/22/2007 Foley - Mary QofH - Elmhurst F
Peoria, IL

9/10/2007 Deptula - Chancery D-
Springfield, IL Bp. George Lucas A 9/7/2007

Ft Wayne - S Bend, IN

8/22/2007 Notre Dame U C
Indianapolis, IN

8/17/2007 Schaedel - Criterion A
Indianapolis, IN

7/27/2007 Gallagher, Criterion A
Louisville Abp. Joseph Kurtz B 7/20/2007

Owensboro, KY Bp. John McRaith B 8/1/2007

Alexandria, LA Bp. Ronald Herzog C 9/21/2007

Baton Rouge, LA Bp. Robert Muench C 7/18/2007

Baton Rouge, LA

7/18/2007 Commentator- Carville F
Lake Charles, LA Bp. Glen J. Provost A 8/10/2007

Boston Cdl. Sean O'Malley B 7/20/2007


7/16/2007 Globe-Carroll F

7/10/2007 Globe/Flinn F
Detroit, MI

8/5/2007 Pastor - Mt Clemens F
Detroit Card. Joseph Maida A 7/7/2007

Gaylord, MI

8/17/2007 Neff - Chancery - Correction
Gaylord, MI

8/11/2007 Fr. Rob Johansen F
Grand Rapids, MI Bp. Walter Hurley C 7/8/2007

Kalamazoo, MI Bp. James A. Murray A 8/3/2007

St Paul and Minneapolis

9/16/2007 Ubel - St Agnes B
St Paul and Mpls

7/20/2007 Catholic Spirit C
Winona, MN Bp. Bernard Harrington B 7/13/2007

Winona, MN

7/23/2007 Liturgist C
Winona, MN

7/31/2007 Lovrien - Liturgist F
Kansas City, MO Bp. Robert Finn A 7/20/2007

Kansas City, MO Bp. Robert Finn A 9/17/2007

Kansas City, MO Bp. Robert Finn A 7/22/2007

St Louis, MO

9/16/2007 Kenrick Seminary A
St Louis, MO

9/10/2007 Kenrick Seminary A
St Louis, MO

8/17/2007 Schildz - St Louis Review A
St Louis, MO Abp. Raymond Burke A 7/20/2007

Raleigh, NC Bp. Michael Burbidge A+ 9/15/2007

Raleigh, NC Bp. Michael Burbidge A++ 9/7/2007

Raleigh, NC Bp. Michael Burbidge B 7/9/2007

Raleigh, NC Bp. Michael Burbidge - Sermon A 9/14/2007

Fargo, ND Bp. Samuel Aquila A 8/1/2007

Omaha, NE

8/12/207 St Patrick's FSSP Parish
Camden, NJ

7/7/2007 Chancery A
Newark, NY Abp. John J. Myers B 8/8/2007

Santa Fe, NM

7/30/2007 DDL-Alb. Journal D
Brooklyn, NY Bp. Nicholas DiMarzio B 8/11/2007

Buffalo, NY

8/16/2007 Tokasz - News D
New York City Cdl. Edward Egan B 7/19/2007

Rockville Center, NY Bp. William Murphy A++ 9/12/2007

Worthington, OH

9/21/2007 Pontifical College Josephinum C
Cincinnati, OH Bp. Daniel Pilarczyk C 9/5/2007

Columbus, OH Bp. Frederick Campbell A- 9/19/2007

Steubenville, OH Bp. R. Daniel Conlon C 7/13/2007

Steubenville, OH Bp. Robert D. Conlon C 7/20/2007

Youngstown, OH

9/7/2007 Valentine - Exponent A
Tulsa, OK

7/23/2007 World-Overall A
Portland, OR Abp John Vlazny B 9/1/2006

Portland, OR Abp. John Vlazny A 7/27/2007

Altoona-Johnstown, PA Bp. Joseph V. Adamec C 8/5/2007

Altoona-Johnstown, PA Bp. Joseph Adamec C 8/20/2007

Erie, PA Bp. Donald Trautman C 7/9/2007

Harrisburg, PA

8/10/2007 Peschel-PatNews D
Harrisburg, PA Bp. Kevin Rhoades C 7/9/2007


7/11/2007 Inquirer A

7/7/2007 Chancery B
Pittsburgh Bp. David Zubik B 7/18/2007

Sioux Falls, SD Bp. Paul Swain A 9/10/2007

Memphis, TN Bp. J. Terry Steib C 7/26/2007

Memphis, TN

8/6/2007 Comm. Appeal A
El Paso Bp. Amando Ochoa C

Galveston-Houston Abp. Daniel DiNardo A 7/21/2007

Salt Lake City Bp. John Wester B 7/13/2007

Arlington, VA Bp. Paul Loverde A 9/13/2007

Richmond, VA

9/3/2007 Podger - Times F
Burlington, VT Bp. Salvatore Matano A 7/6/2007

Burlington, VT

8/19/2007 Callahan - Free Press A
Burlington, VT Bp. Salvatore Matano A 8/15/2007

Seattle, WA Abp. Alex Brunett C- 8/10/2007

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