Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Starbucks and Joni Mitchell Lash Out At Catholic Church On New CD

Elderly hippie, Joni Mitchell
is back out of retirement after nine years, and she’s on the attack. In the title track to her new album, “Shine,” Mitchell takes a nice swipe at the Catholic Church by name.

“Shine on the Catholic Church/And the prisons that it owns,” she sings. “Shine on all the Churches/that love less and less.”

Mitchell was never one to mince words, but in her triumphant return on Starbucks’ Hear Records, she doesn’t give an inch.

In “Shine,” she continues: “Shine on lousy leadership/Licensed to kill/Shine on dying soldiers/In patriotic pain/Shine on mass destruction/In some God's name!”

Mitchell’s album will be something of a revelation to young people who might buy it at Starbucks when it’s released Tuesday if they listen to it and read the lyrics. [....Snip] Huffington Post

In St Paul's Highland Park neighborhood, right across from a Starbucks outlet is Lumen Christi Catholic Church. I'll be stopping by there tomorrow to inform them of this turn of events by their neighbor who no doubt makes a dollar or two off of parishioners.

For those of you interested, the attached link will take you to Starbucks feedback line for their Hear Music program of which Mitchell's album is a part: Starbucks Hear Music Comments and questions


Terry Nelson said...

Yeah - she lost me at Woodstock - or one of those outdoor music fests - maybe it was Stevenspoint? It's all such a blurr.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Terry: I know, you drop acid at one concert, you drop it at all.

Terry Nelson said...

Mescaline was my drug of choice. I always freaked out on acid. Although I would split window pane into quarters - if you knew how small that is, you'd be impressed - and the trips were very sedate. I was miraculously delivered from drugs in an instant. I should write about that some day.

Anonymous said...

Her new album 'SHINE' is an amazing feat for a sixty four year old woman who can still give all the singer songwriters a run for their money. It's almost like a prayer to the ills and stupidity of mankind and the music is sublime.