Saturday, September 22, 2007

Most Popular Catholic Blogs

I'm not sure exactly how it works, but there is a website, The Truth Laid Bear, that does a pretty good job of ranking the top 5,000 blogs in terms of the number of daily "hits" and in terms of the number of websites that link to them.

Here are, more or less, the top Catholic blogs in that list of 5,000.

Daily 1 - 5000

Traffic Position
"Father Z"
W.D.T.P.R.S? 5464 496

Happy Catholic

Anchoress 3724 642
Jimmy Akin

Amy Welborn
Open Book

Stop the ACLU 3553 662
Cafeteria is Closed 3372 695

ProLife Blogs 3298 704
Rorate Coeli 2473 859
Jeff Miller
Curt Jester 1983 993
Mark Shea
Catholic and Enjoying It 1967 999

Relapsed Catholic 1567 1169
Dawn Eden
Dawn Patrol 1378 1250

Roman Catholic by Choice 901 1740
Abbey Roads2 901 1741
Thomas Peters
American Papist 801 1884
Notre Dame
Shrine of the Holy Whapping 776 1942

Extreme Catholic 666 2203
Greg Kandra
The Deacon's Bench 655 2247
Dom Bettinelli 632 2308

Musica Sacra 438 3027

Acton Institute Power Blog 364 3479

Kansas City Catholic 351 3556
Fr. Fox
Bonfire of the Vanities 334 3694

Te Deum Laudamus 306 3934

Against the Grain 280 4186

Lair of the Catholic Caveman 278 4217
Fr. Stephanos
Me Monk; Me Meander 276 4233
Moniales, OP 272 4282
Holy Family School (Okla) 272 4286
Fr. Stephanos
One Monk of the O.S.B. 264 4375
Fr. Stephanos
Monastery 264 4383

Catholici Sumus 264 4384

My Catholic Links 264 4385
Fr. Stephanos
A History of One Monk 264 4386

Ironic Catholic 142 4764
Two Priests
Catholic Fire 219 4925
Two Priests
Catholic Ragemonkey 215 4977


Cathy_of_Alex said...

And Terry always claims no one is reading his blog! Ha!

Terry Nelson said...

I can just imagine what Sally Fields would say...

Terry Nelson said...

I didn't know Valeri Bertinelli had a blog? Why would she use the title Dom?

Anonymous said...

How does a Catholic blogger get his blog some visibility?

Unknown said...


$64,000 question!

First thing you want to do is register with the St Blog's Parish site which publishes your name and some folks visit there to check out new blogs.

I don't visit it much any more. But I should.

Check out all the blogs there, visit the ones similar to yours and promote yourself there (within reason; just invite people to visit you).

Second, tell your Mom and all your friends and relatives

Third, send copies of your posts of interest to people to whom they apply.

Fourth, Make links to blogs that you like in your sidebar and visit a dozen or so daily and comment regularly (if you have something to say, that is). Ask other bloggers to reciprocate and add you to their sidebar blogroll. They may or may not. Many bloggers are very busy.

Fifth, Get Sitemeter or some other counter so you can keep track of visitors. Don't get over ambitious. Growth will be slow unless you have a subject upon which nobody else is blogging and it becomes known and popular. But most blogs get way less than 100 hits per day.

People who visit blogs are already fully occupied so you have to give them a reason to add one more to their daily "route."

People like Terry, Adoro and Cathy who blog about their personal experiences seem to get more hits than geeks like me who blog about the news.

Lots of people like to read about others' experiences and share their own. I don't share much on Stella, but I do in others' comments sections.

Sixth, make sure that your blog is set up so that Google, BlogSearch and the other search engines can find you. After a week or so, occasionally search on a unique topic upon which you have posted and see if you show up in the results. Unless you are the only one who has posted on the subject, you won't show up very high in the results.

Make sure you have lots of links in your sidebar. I think that is one of the ways that Google uses to determine if you are a blog worth looking at. But the real system is very secret.

Good luck, Neil!

And don't forget to post with me when you set your blog up. And if you are from Minnesota or vicinity, I will definitely make a link to you.