Friday, July 7, 2006

More on Those Excommunications in St Louis by Archbishop Burke Last Winter

Archbishop Raymond Burke ran into a buzz saw of controversey soon after he left the Diocese of La Crosse for St Louis a couple of years ago. The fight was between the Archbishop and a Polish congregation that did not want to surrender control of their parish to the Archdiocese as is the case with other parishes. After the meetings, came the Interdict and then the Excommunications. Minneapolis and Duluth had Polish congregations that fought with their bishop and those conflicts resulted in a large number of people leaving to start new Polish National Catholic Church parishes about 100 years ago.

This article by local blogger Thomas Szyszkiewicz (I can spell that without having to look it up because my last name was originally spelled "Marszalkiewicz") who is a free lance writer and had this article publsihed in Catholic World Report last February, recently posted it on his blog, Epiphany. It takes a very confusing situation in St Louis and does an excellent job of laying out the positions of the two sides. It may shed some light on what happened in Duluth and Minneapolis, 100 years earlier.

It’s not often that seven Catholics are publicly excommunicated from the Church on a single day. So when Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of St. Louis proclaimed “with heavy heart” in December that the six members of the board of the civil corporation of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish in St. Louis and the priest they hired to be pastor were excommunicated for an act of schism, it made national news.

Father Marek Bozek, a priest of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau and a native of Poland, left his post as associate pastor of St. Agnes Cathedral in his diocese against the express wishes of Bishop Joseph Leibrecht, and took up an offer from the board of directors of St. Stan’s Parish to become their pastor. By this act, both the board and the priest committed an act of schism and ruptured their communion with the Roman Catholic Church. [snip] Epiphany blog

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