Thursday, October 19, 2006

130 South Dakota Doctors Endorse Abortion Ban

On Monday, South Dakota Physicians for Life explained their support for Referred Law 6 at Sioux Falls headquarters. Ad campaigns in support of the pro-life law feature dozens of doctors in their white lab coats sporting stethoscopes expressing their support for the law against abortion. Powerfully, they say in unison during the ad "abortion stops a beating heart". (To see the video ad click: )

One hundred thirty South Dakota doctors endorsed the abortion-limiting legislation. Mark Gordon, M.D., Sioux Falls, stated: "Referred Law 6 allows a doctor to provide chemotherapy and radiation to a pregnant woman without fear of criminal charges. Women with other serious medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, can also choose medical treatments that could cause unintentional miscarriage of their pregnancies."

Steve Billion, M.D., Sioux Falls, agreed, saying, "I am confident that this law will provide for the life and health of mothers." Yvonne Seger, M.D., Sioux Falls, explained the legislation, saying: "Referred Law 6 enables South Dakota physicians to provide full treatment to pregnant women. The legislation allows any legitimate care that a doctor would suggest today. Referred Law 6 regulates intent, not procedure." David Ellerbusch, M.D., Sioux Falls, listed several negative risks of abortion, such as cervical or uerine injury and disability of newborns in future pregnancies.

South Dakota Physicians for Life is a diverse group of physicians dedicated to protecting human life. It strives to present medical truth to South Dakota communities. campaigns on behalf of Referred Law 6. The campaign organized in 2006 to support HB 1215, the Women's Health and Human Life Protection Act. LifeSite News

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